Benefits For Your Employees

Health Position Tracking

Detailed Health Report on current health status

Health Enhancement

1 Year Health Enhancement Plan that changes with season

Improved quality of life

More awareness about diet & lifestyle

Reduced medicine intake

24 x 7 Access to natural therapies

Increased Self Motivation

Comparative graphs & In-app motivation to keep going.

Benefits For Your Organisation

Healthy Environment (Increased Productivity)

Healthy, Energised, Engaged Employees contributing with higher efficiencies

More Visibility to

Various reports on status of physical activity level, mental alertness etc.

Trackable Health Improvement

Quarterly reassessments to derive Group health status report, mental alertness distribution graphs etc. to calculate the ROI of Wellness.

Team Building and Health Awareness at work

Continuous engagement & motivation via in-app messaging as well as 4 workshops to ensure positive work environment.


  1. New joiners will be trained on a regular basis
  2. Employees leaving the organization will be able to access the solution at management's discretion
  3. Call support number will be shared with each employee to resolve their queries
  4. HR would be able to send own content on the App's "Content Sharing Platform"

Implementation Methodology

  • Start
  • Mirror - Mirror
  • Kick-off Workshop
  • Onsite Evaluation
  • Online Health Assessment
  • 1st Org. Level Report
  • 6th Month
  • 1st Revaluation
  • 2nd Onsite Evaluation
  • 2nd Org. Level Report
  • Change Management
  • Handholding Workshop
  • Pushing Non-Active Employees
  • Help Desks
  • 9th Month
  • 2nd Revaluation
  • 3rd Onsite Evaluation
  • 3rd Org. Level Report
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Stress Management Workshop
  • Rewarding the Change Pioneers
  • 12th Month
  • 3rd Revaluation
  • 4th Onsite Evaluation
  • 4th Org. Level Report
  • Graphical Analysis To Measure Effectiveness
  • Roll Over Program
  • Organisational Reports